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Volodymyr ROSHKO

Volodymyr Roshko

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Scientific interests
Entomology, coleopterology, biodiversitology, nature protection.

Qualification work
Thesis (Dissertation of candidate of bioscinces) "Fauna and Ecology of Scarabidae beetles (Coleoptera,Scarabaeidae) in Transcarpathians" / Supervisor: prof. V. Dolin. Kyiv, Institute of Zoology, Natl. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine, 1990.

Current work
Chief of Entomological Department of UzhNU (since 1992). Organizer of annual conference "Uzhgorod Entomological readings".

Totally, there were publisher about 60 articles and abstracts. General list of publications is given in separate file: "List of publications of Volodymyr Roshko (ukr.)". Author of the book "History of Biological Faculty of the Uzhgorod University" (ukr.).

Address office
Mail: Biological faculty (apt. 119),
Uzhgorod National University,
32 Voloshyn str., Uzhgorod, 88000, Ukraine.
Phone: (+38-03122) 3.71.92.

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