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workshop 1, 2001
workshop 2, 2002
workshop 3, 2003
workshop 4, 2004

"Uzhgorod Entomological Readings" — annual entomological workshop, that founded in 2000 by workers of Entomological Department.

Workshop take place each autumn in two place: Biological faculty of UzhNU (1st plenary meeting day) and biostation "Kolochava" (2-3 days), and each time there are about 30 to 40 participants.

Readings of 2004 were held in October 1-3, 2004, and there were 34 participants from 6 organizations of scientifical, educational and sozological branch. Proccedings of VI Workshop will published in special volume of "Scientific Herald of Uzhgorod University".

Participants of the III Uzhgorod Entomological Readings
Participants of the III Uzhgorod Entomological Readings near Synevyr lake (2004)

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