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bear, Ursus arctos

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This page includes list of wild mammal species that occur in the Carpathian region and obtain protected categories according to one of "red list": "Red Data Book of Ukraine" and Annexes 2-3 to "the Bern Convention". In general, there are 65 "red" species, among them 23 included in the Red Data Book of Ukraine (1994). Species listed in systematic order, according to early published reviews of the fauna (bibliography see below). After the table, a brief analysis of the causes and tempos of the changes in the fauna list in general as well as rare species list is given (in ukr. version only).

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List of rarity mammal fauna

By the portion of protected species, mammals is the most "redbook" group. By orders, rarity species distributed as follows: bats — 23 species, carnivores — 11 species, non-muroid rodents — 9 species, muroid rodents — 8 species, insectivores — 8 species, ungulates — 6 species. Most endangered group is the bats: their species compose 1/3 of the total list of mammal fauna as well as almost one half of all the rarity species (detail information on the bats see on the site: "").

To view the list of species included into Red Lists, click here: [Rarity mammal species list]. Total numbers of the mammal species included in the Red Data Book of Ukraine (2nd ed.) and Annex 2 to Bern Convention are followings:

Long-eared bat, Plecotus austriacus

Order (scientific & english name)

Red Data Book (ukr.)

RBDU + BC (annex 2)

Bern Convention

Chiroptera (bats)




Insectivora (insectivores)




Ferae (carnivores)




Glires non-Muroidea (non-muroid rodents)




Glires Muroidea (mice-like rodents)




Ungulata (ungulates)




Total species





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